Gentle Fitness

(Primarily for seniors, beginners or those desiring a more subtle fitness class) This exciting land-based fitness class is designed for those participants who prefer a great fitness workout without a lot of impact on their joints. This 60 minute class will blend gentle low-impact movements & agility training, light body toning & strength, & balance work. Abdominal, oblique, and back strengthening exercises will follow. A rejuvenating stretch will complete the class.

Core Yoga

Combines the core stability postures of Pilates and other abdominal exercises with yoga poses to create a fun and flowing workout that improves overall muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility.

Cardio Mix

(All levels) A high intensity, high-energy cardio aerobic class designed to get your heart pumping & your feet moving! This class will burn calories & improve aerobic fitness by using high, moderate & low impact moves, step movements, cardio intervals, & multiple steps. This aerobic class works your cardiovascular system & will finish with abdominal & back exercises as well as flexibility. Geared to all fitness levels because you choose your own intensity.