Exhilaration of Spring

Spring in Vermont

Spring in VermontSpring in Vermont is short lived, but its sweetness makes up for the lack of duration. I consider both spring and Autumn to be little buffers on the two main seasons in this Northern part of the country. Autumn eases us into winter, while spring eases us back out, and fills our minds with euphoric thoughts of glorious Vermont summers.

But spring isn’t just about preparing us for summer. There are many qualities inherent to this season of beginning that are unique to the few weeks it graces us with its presence. Spring gives us animal babies, the return of birds, and the emerald green grass that begins sweeping its wide brushstrokes over the mountains, valleys, pastures, farms, and rolling hills with the most vibrantly tranquil hue known to man, woman, or animal. Spring also means maple sugaring here in Vermont. Just about any property owner has at least one Sugar Maple tree ready to be tapped. For many families in Vermont, tapping trees and making a few bottles of their own syrup is a wonderful family tradition. Visitors can see (and taste) first-hand how this process works by visiting any of a number of Maple Sugaring farms throughout the state. They are easy to find, and watching the process of turning sap into syrup is both educational and fun. Plus, you’ll get to try Sugar on Snow for the first time. I am not going to tell you what it is…this is one tradition you should try for yourself.

Of course, the first few weeks of spring give us the sense that nature is a bit confused, flip-flopping between 80 degree days full of sunshine and cold afternoons dusted with snow. Thankfully, this is only the beginning of spring. By late April, the lush green hills, flowers in full bloom, and fragrant, sunny days, make thoughts of snow and winter coats seem a distant memory. Late April and the entire month of May are quite possibly my favorite time of year. The weather is usually warm and sunny, evenings are pleasantly cool (perfect sleeping weather), days are rarely stifling hot, and the bugs of summer haven’t yet descended upon us. The landscape is more beautiful than at any other time, and the pace of life seems to be peacefully relaxed. Spring is an exhilarating time to be in Vermont!