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Wellness Center

In our Wellness Room, it’s easy to transition from the excitement & commotion of the playground & pool or the slopes into a gentle atmosphere of exhalation and relaxation. With massage therapy and acupuncture, The Bridges offers a space to let your mind and body slow down and hit the ‘reset button,’ allowing the hustle and bustle of daily life to melt away.

Acupuncture is becoming an increasingly popular choice for treating illness, controlling pain and boosting immunity. A well-developed medical system based on the concept that we are not separate from the laws of nature, it dates back over 2,500 years as a primary health care system in China. This age-old practice offers a powerful alternative to modern medicine.

Our talented certified massage therapists will provide you a respite from the general stresses and tensions of everyday life. For attention to specific problem areas, such as low back, neck or shoulder pain, choose a deeper, more localized treatment, including Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

Couple massage or acupuncture with a yoga class, a dip in the hot tub, a quiet moment in the sauna, or a nap by the pool, and you are guaranteed to experience the healing qualities of the  Green Mountains!