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On January 6, ten determined Valley residents will begin The Bridges’ third  annual Fitness Challenge, making a conscious decision to start 2014 off with a healthier, stronger body and mind. For ten weeks, participants will work in groups of five on either the red or blue team, with personal trainers Roarke Sharlow or Lisa Loomis. Through three comprehensive evaluations, trainers track team members’ cardiovascular recovery rates, core strength improvement, endurance and flexibility improvement, BMI and workout time logged throughout the challenge. The competitor with the most time invested and the highest recorded increases wins a one year membership to The Bridges, a $700 value. The second place winner receives a 6 month membership of $455 value.

 “Because of the program, I have learned what I need to do to stay at my desired fitness and it has definitely helped me stay committed to regular exercise. I highly recommend it to anyone who might feel a bit ‘stuck’ in their present routine or want to get on a healthier life path. It was AWESOME!”   -Nancy Henry, 2012

Past participants rave about discovering new approaches, disciplines and training methods, having strengthened their commitment to a healthy and fit lifestyle. The Fitness Challenge provides the motivation and opportunity to push through the long, dark winter season by providing camaraderie, learning opportunities, and fun while developing the skills to get out of a fitness rut. Team members bond over the course of the challenge, cheering each other’s success, encouraging each other’s commitment, and creating a supportive environment for transformation.

“At 65 I had never felt so strong and felt so good as when the challenge ended. I was not born a natural athlete and was not prone to weight gain. For those reasons exercise was not on my agenda. And frankly I didn’t like it. When I saw the challenge advertised I thought ‘What the heck. Just do it!” At the end of ten weeks, I had reached my weight loss goal, was eating healthier and felt strong. I met amazing people in the challenge and cherish those new relationships. If I could ‘just do it’ again, I would.” -Susie Forsthuber, 2013 participant

  • Across the board, participants of all ages and fitness levels reached excellent levels of cardiovascular fitness.
  • On average, participants lost 3.7% of their body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Over the course of ten weeks, participants worked out on average 93.9 hours total, 9.39 hours per week, including three hours with their trainers.
  • Participants greatly increased their upper body strength, from an average number of 22 pushups to 40.5 pushups.
  • Pre, mid and post challenge abdominal and core strength testing showed remarkable results with participants’ number of crunches per minute doubling.

There are two personal training schedules: Team Blue will meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:15pm. Team Red will meet Monday and Wednesday mornings at 11:15am. Both teams will meet together on Saturday mornings at 9:45am. Participants must obtain a written release from their doctor to compete. Updates of team and individual progress will be published through social media outlets and The Valley Reporter.

The price per individual to participate in The Bridges’ Fitness Challenge is $495. For $49.50 per week, this includes:

  • Full access to The Bridges fitness facility, including the gym, pool, hot tub, sauna and game room
  • Full access to all fitness classes
  • Discounted price for Zumba Fitness
  • Three personal training sessions per week ($16/session vs. the regular $55/session!)

Payments may be made in two installments, completed by February 1, 2014.

“In one form or another, I have been exercising my whole life. The Bridges Fitness Challenge taught me how to exercise the ‘right’ way. Roarke offered comprehensive explanations about how to use fitness equipment appropriately. What I took away from the Fitness Challenge was the importance of interval training… for heart health and weight management. Most importantly, Roarke and Lisa make exercising FUN!”  –Susie Snow, 2013 [RS6] 

Application deadline: December 2, 2013

To apply, contact Julie Landa at for application details.




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