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Around the Valley

Exhilaration of Spring

Spring in Vermont is short lived, but its sweetness makes up for the lack of duration. I consider both spring and Autumn to be little buffers on the two main seasons in this Northern part of the country. Autumn eases us into winter, while spring eases us back out, and fills our minds with euphoric thoughts of glorious Vermont summers.

Spring has Sprung!

Spring in Vermont is a uniquely invigorating experience. We love our Vermont winters, but by the time March is coming to a close, the occasional sunny and sixty degree day, birds chirping at the break of dawn, and the much less frequent snow showers, are a welcome respite after a long, white winter. Not to mention, there isn’t much that beats spring skiing followed by deck beers at General Stark's Pub or Castle Rock.

The Wonder of Winter

When you live in a ski town, winter is a particularly celebrated time of the year. There are many universal reasons to enjoy winter - hot chocolate, skiing, sledding, building snowmen, snowshoeing, decorating for Christmas, and eggnog (with rum, or without). It seems that every person, regardless of their love for winter — or lack of it — can find one thing about this season that is special to them.