Board Committees

As of May 2015

Board Committee List


  • Mike Bender, Chair
  • Trip Lowell
  • Bill Barrett

Reviews proposed changes to governing documents and recommends board and/or homeowner action.


  • Mike Bender, Chair
  • Meghan Ostroff
  • Steve Falzone, ex officio

Oversees the budget and recommends for board action.


  • Steve Falzone, Chair
  • Rich Levitan, Past President

Oversees compensation of general manager and the overall level of staff compensation, and recommends to president. Reviews health insurance for board action.


  • Brian Aitken, Chair
  • Mike Oleksinski
  • Meghan Ostroff
  • Elgie McLaughlin
  • John Capron

Oversees substance and placement of advertising, website and other marketing materials.

 Physical Assets/Environmental

  • Pat Ricciardi, Chair
  • Kim Oleksinski

Oversees and provides guidance to the general manager regarding the maintenance of physical assets and construction, and provides advice to board regarding similar matters in the 21st Century Project. Oversees environmental compliance and proactive efforts.


  • Steve Falzone, Chair
  • Rick Harrington
  • Pat Ricciardi

Explores opportunities for the expansion of Bridges operation.  


  • Mike Oleksinski, Chair
  • Trip Lowell
  • Stacy LeBaron
  • John Capron
  • Marcy Korn
  • Melissa Brooks
  • Peter Tenbeau (non-owner)

Works with the tennis director to maintain and better the Bridges tennis program.


  • Pat Ricciardi, Chair
  • Brian Aitken
  • Jim Halavonich, staff advisor

An “action committee” empowered by the bylaws expeditiously to review and act upon owners’ applications for changes to their units that impact common area. Determines adequacy of plans and can approve or reject matters that it considers noncontroversial or covered by precedent; sends other matters, with developed record, to board with recommendation.