East Meets West: Yin/Yang Water Fitness comes to The Bridges

Jun-Konno-216x200Our summer aqua fitness instructor, Holly Gelberg, is back, bringing a little Zen energy along with her! She will be offering two aqua fitness classes at The Bridges: Yang Water Fitness and Yin Water Fitness.

Holly is incorporating both classes with Ai Chi, a form of water fitness introduced by Japanese Olympic swim coach Jun Konno, who was inspired by watching slow-motion films of water snakes. Konno combined these natural movements with Watsu (water shiatsu) and yoga to create this new technique.

The article ’13 Rejuvenating Ai Chi Exercises’ at getphysicaltoday.com states, “Ai Chi promotes awareness of muscle activity and movement patterns by bringing attention to posture and breathing. The symmetrical and asymmetrical movements of Ai Chi improve mobility and strength… All Ai Chi movements originate from the core of the body, in the abdominal area, and are rooted in the feet.”

water-tai-chi-ladies-171x256Holly’s Yang Water Fitness class, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am, is a traditional water fitness class incorporating cardio, strength and balance workouts as well as interval training, using the natural resistance of water, as well as water noodles and aqua dumbells for a full body, low impact workout. A series of stretches with some T’ai Chi and Yoga influences end the class. As everyone works at their own pace, the class is appropriate for all fitness levels. No swimming ability is necessary.

Her Yin Water Fitness class, on Wednesdays at 5pm, is more of the ‘traditional’ Ai Chi, focusing on stability, flexibility and breath incorporating elements of T’ai Chi and Yoga, but does not incorporate any props. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels as well.

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