A Valentine’s Performance: Not just for the Kids!


In the fall of 1990 at the University of Rhode Island, a storyteller was invited to my dorm, probably to help us ‘deer-in-the-headlight’ freshman facilitate new friendships.  I figured, “What the hell.. sounds kind of silly, but I’ll probably meet a few new people, nothing else to do, etc.” By the end of the evening I was completely mesmerized by this incredibly talented woman and this particular art-form that has been around for centuries, yet buried in the technological/sound bite haze of our (at the time) 20th century culture. I realized how this sort of live entertainment is just as joyful and profound for teenagers and adults as for children.

sota-vampireprincess-091813When I mentioned the idea of bringing a storyteller to The Bridges, a friend of mine, a 44 year old father of two, immediately mentioned a fantastic performance by a couple he saw a few years ago at the Warren Library. Raving about them, he remembered they had all the adults as mesmerized as the children. We tracked them down and are excited to announce their visit to The Bridges on Saturday February 15th at 7:00pm.

With multiple award-winning albums, featured performances at top festivals across the country, rave reviews from across the world, and a career spanning over 30 years, Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder are among the best folk storytellers working today. Their compelling style of duo narration— a British storytelling journal called it “verbal jazz”— is both intricate and delightful. Their folktales are funny, touching and exciting; very entertaining yet deep as a dream. Harp and concertina music sets the mood, and increases the stories’ impact. Seven Days recently concluded, “Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder are simply Vermont treasures and hearing their stories never grows old.”jenningsponder-320x214

Program specifics are unpredictable, but the show will include a Valentine’s Day theme. Stories may feature foolish wolves, magic pots, talking tigers, miraculous crones, impostors, saints and/or laughing rats.

If you’re between the ages of five and ninety-something, come on up the mountain on February 15th for a dose of this fresh and unique form of entertainment. The show is free!

Explore Jennings and Ponder’s creative and imaginative work and history on their website, folktales.net!