Spring has Sprung!

Spring in Vermont is a uniquely invigorating experience. We love our Vermont winters, but by the time March is coming to a close, the occasional sunny and sixty degree day, birds chirping at the break of dawn, and the much less frequent snow showers, are a welcome respite after a long, white winter. Not to mention, there isn’t much that beats spring skiing followed by deck beers at General Stark’s Pub or Castle Rock.

April can still bring snow and cold temperatures, but the sheer knowledge that summer is right around the corner is usually all it takes to fill our minds with thoughts of swimming holes, camping, gardening, and outdoor BBQs. By May, the sometimes scorching summer heat hasn’t yet made an appearance, but the days are often warm enough for shorts and tank tops, flip flops, and picnics along the river. Bon-fires keep us warm at night; roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, sitting out until late hours, telling stories and enjoying the company of our friends and family.

Spring in Vermont means Maple Sugaring. Drive in any direction, and you will see the telltale steam rising from sugar houses in every town. Many commercial sugar houses are open to the public, allowing families to see the process of boiling down sap into the sweet, pure Vermont Maple Syrup we all enjoy. Maple syrup tastings are hardly different from wine tastings, as you sip each different level of syrup while your guide explains in detail that particular syrup’s color, sweetness, body, and texture.

Spring is appreciated for more than just what it offers. It is appreciated for what it helps usher in; fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers, lush green trees, sunbathing on rocks, cliff diving, kayaking, bicycling, and simply being outside for more hours than we are in. Spring is washing off the outdoor furniture, putting away the snow boots, wool gloves and hats. Spring is the birth of a new season.

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